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14/4 SJOOW
Flexible Cord (15 Amps)


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Southwire SJOOW, Junior Service cord is rated for electrical circuits 300 volts or less, and is designed to supply power to outdoor equipment, barbecues, portable power tools, electric lawn mowers, and other cord-and-plug equipment where the power cord is subjected to hard usage in either dry or damp locations. Southwire Type SJOOW Flexible Cords are permitted for use as specified by Article 400 and related articles of the 2017 National Electrical Code and meet the following specifications:

• CSA Sec. C22.2, No. 49; File listing LL224650
• UL Spec. No. 62; E46194


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Conductor Types

4 – #12 AWG Stranded Insulated Copper Conductors (Black, White, Red and Green)

Temperature Rating

-40°C to 90°C

Voltage Rating

300 Volts

NEC Compliance

2017 NEC (Current Edition), Article 400 Compliant

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Flexible Cord (15 Amps)”

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