Restocking Fee Policy

Restocking Fee Policy

Restocking fees will be deducted from the full refund amount of the item. The full refund amount is the full purchase price which was paid for the item at the time of purchase.

Each return will be weighed, measured, and inspected to ensure the authenticity of the return. It is important to note that more than one (1) restocking fee may be assessed on the return. Depending on our assessment of returned item, restocking fees will be assessed in the following manner:

  • Item returned in original condition, able to be resold in its present state ($2.99)
  • Item returned in an acceptable condition, only needing to be re-coiled and re-banded so it can be resold ($4.99)
  • Item returned in an acceptable condition but brand imprints are not present on both ends of the cable (see Wire Shortage Policy)
  • Item returned in an unacceptable condition, including but not limited to, outer and/or inner insulation damage (10% of full purchase price for the lesser of each instance of damage, or inch of damage, whichever is greater.)
  • Item returned is not the item that was sent (100% of full purchase price)
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