NM-B Wire (Inside) “Romex” – 3 Conductor / 4 Wire

NM-B (Inside) “Romex”

3 Conductor / 4 Wire Cable

This type of wire/cable is comprised of 4 total wires.  3 of the wires are “insulated” conductors, typically black, red, and white in color.

Normally used to power a two-phase circuit by terminating the black and red wire on a double pole circuit breaker and the white wire on the electrical panel’s neutral bar. 

The bare copper wire is used for equipment grounding purposes and is terminated on the electrical panel’s grounding bar.

This wiring method DOES provide a neutral to the equipment being powered, such as an electric range or a clothes dryer.

14/3 NM-B
(15 Amps)


8/3 NM-B
(40 Amps)


12/3 NM-B
(20 Amps)


6/3 NM-B
(55 Amps)


10/3 NM-B
(30 Amps)


4/3 NM-B
(70 Amps)


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